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Experience the thrill of being a fugitive.  Shortly after departure, we release the ranch tracker and the game is on.  You have 2 hours to remain at large and capture all 4 flags.  You are equipped with a map of the area.

Stay low, move slow when you can and run hard when you get the chance.

Celebrate your victory with a Ranch approved ribye steak dinner!


Red Deer, AB, Canada

Arrive in your best camoflauge outfit and meet your guide.  After signing your waiver : ) you will be taken to an undisclosed location on the ranch.  When you are dropped off... the chase begins... good luck out there.

You will have 1 hour to complete your task... or... your caught sooner... game over.


We will call to confirm a time. Arrive at Heritage Ranch main building.

Post chase, you will return to the ranch where you will experience our very own, Jack Daniels and Rickards infused Ribeye steak... "best steak I've ever had... hands down..."

We recommend you use layers and brightly coloured clothing ; ) ... actually camoflauge decreases the likelihood of you getting caught considerably...

Good footwear is a must.

Your post chase steak dinner and beverage of choice are included.

Camoflauge not included. Dress appropriate for weather and running through the bush.

Open to all ages... same rate.  Makes a great father-son, mother-daughter or husband and wife experience.  Join with some friends and bring out a group.

Please advise if there are youth or youngsters in the group, this will affect the "intensity" of the chase. : ) 


*** Must be 18 years or older to go alone. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an Adult ** 

Call in advance to reschedule. Cancellations hold credit amount with Heritage Ranch.

Red Deer, AB, Canada
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